Tuesday, February 08, 2005

FUD about Bill Gates spreading FUD

posted by ShyK at 01:28

Slashdot today has somebody writing about the FUD that Bill Gates is apparently spreading about OS being non-interoperable (whatever that means). And then it links to Bill Gate's Executive e-mail on "Building software that is interoperable by design". Well, well - the subject line of Bill's mail doesn't seem to have to anything to do with OSS...so I decide to go look for myself.

As far as I can make out the mail say's the following

  • Businesses face the challenges of making the various IT pieces work together.
  • Over the years, the industry has tried various things and the best solution seems to be to have these systems talk to each other.
  • One of the modes of talking is XML
  • OS is a mode of licensing, not a mechanism for making software work together
  • Microsoft is taking steps to make sure that its systems are interoperable

Well, he could be blamed for talking vaporware - but I can't find him spreading FUD about OSS anywhere.

Looks like the OSS guys (much as I love them) keep feeling the need for a scapegoat to beat and they are the ones spreading FUD about supposed FUD...


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