Sunday, November 14, 2004

The USA President Elections and India

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Now that the US Elections results are out, the Democratic Party supporters have finished lamenting and the republican supporters done celebrating - perhaps its time to evaluate the impact on India.

The cynic in me asks as to what impact a remote nations President have when the election of a new Indian prime minister doesn’t make a difference to the Laissez Faire India economical/political affairs. Apparently the Indian press does not agree – else they would not have spent the reams of newsprint in covering the US elections. The impact could be on

  • IT and Business Process Outsourcing
  • Indo-US relationship
  • Fight against terrorism


John Kerry did claim to be an opponent to outsourcing but as to what portion of his stance was mere rhetoric will never get tested. The democrat position that it would tax companies who outsource came across as difficult to follow through fully. And while he could have prevented government agencies from off shoring the private sector would have been far less malleable. For that matter, given the sensitivity of local populace – even a republican Federal government will not allow government work to be outsourced.


Just before the elections - Indian diplomatic officials did claim that Indo-US relationship has never been better. That observation inferentially, yet clearly, translates into a hope that the status quo will be unchanged after November 2 with George W Bush back in the White House. Perhaps the only difference that could have happened with Kerry coming in would have been the raking up of the nuclear proliferation issue.

But, if we think back that the seeds of the relationship improvement (assuming there is some) that has taken flight in the Bush administration were sown in the Democratic Clinton White House. Bill Clinton’s second term as president of USA was marked, not just by tensions over India’s nuclear tests and refusal to sign the CTBT, but also by an improving relationship towards the end of his 2nd term, which culminated in his visit to India in March 2000. OTOH President Bush has failed to find the time for a visit to India.

Fight against Terrorism

Now that it’s conclusively proved that Iraq neither possessed weapons of mass destruction nor was linked to the Al Qaeda – we might want to recognize the “Fight against Terrorism” to be what it really was – just a slogan to get other nations to rally around and support Bush agenda. Apparently, according to Bush - the US has the right to make a pre-emptive strike anywhere in the world to protect American lives, with or without global support. And as the leader of the most powerful nation he can very well do so. However to expect that the US under the banner of “Fight against terrorism” would change its longstanding political equations with the countries in the subcontinent and consequently help in reducing terrorism against India is sheer naiveté.

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